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Gametgame is always looking for talented writers to join the family – and we only expect you to write about what you enjoy.  Whether you like writing opinion pieces, covering the latest breaking news stories, putting together helpful tips and guides, or writing informative reviews, we have the platform for you.

But, Why Should You Write for Us?

There are hundreds of gaming websites so why should you write for Gametgame?  Well, for one we’re awesome, but you already knew that, right?

Seriously though, here are some of the benefits of writing for us:

We Make Writing About Video Games As Simple as We Can

Writing about video games should be enjoyable.  We don’t ask too much of our writers.  As mentioned, there are no ridiculous quotas to meet – you don’t need to write an article or review every day, every week, or even every month.  Real-life should always come first.

We also don’t expect you to write about anything specific.  You can write about PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, mobile, retro games – anything you like.  We want you to write the articles that you’d like to be known for, not to fit within a pre-defined box that isn’t natural to you.

What we do expect, however, is well-written, honest articles that you’re proud of.  It also helps to remember that our audience are primarily adult gamers.

You Mentioned Money?

Some websites promise you X amount depending upon the number of page views that your articles receive, which is paid once you hit a ridiculous cap that takes months (if not years) to hit.  You’re then expected to spend hours marketing your own posts and driving traffic to their website.

We work differently.  While you’re unlikely to become a millionaire overnight, we want you to use our platform to earn as much money as you can from your writing.

As a result, we are happy for you to directly sign up with your choice of affiliate marketing or advertising company and send us a banner and link.  Your ad will be inserted into the first few paragraphs of every article that you write.  Your ad and banner will remain on your articles for the life of the site.

This means that you’re not reliant upon us to make payments or to keep track of your metrics – if someone clicks your banner today (or tomorrow, or in two years), you get paid directly by your affiliate partner as per their terms.

Affiliates to consider include Amazon, Humble Monthly, Green Man Gaming and CD Keys, though there are many, many more out there.

Sounds Good, How Does Writing for You Work?

As a new writer on GrownGaming, your first 4 articles will be posted under our “Guest Post” account with BY YOUR NAME: at the beginning.  At this stage, you will email articles to us and we’ll upload them for you.  You can see an example here.

When you reach 5 articles, an account is created for you which will enable you to log in and submit articles directly.  Your first 5 articles will be assigned to this account.  Your account will be linked to Gravatar and will pull through your avatar and ‘About Me’ information, which will be displayed on your own author page.  In addition, you’ll be invited to the writing team’s Discord, where we talk about games, and share article ideas, and free game keys are offered for review.  You can see an example of this account type here.

Still, Interested in Joining the GrownGaming Team?

That’s great, we’d love to hear from you!

As a sample of your work, please write an article about your favorite game from when you were growing up.  That could be a retrospective on the game as a whole or just one facet of the game that has stuck with you all these years later.  Email that sample, along with any other samples, with a little bit about yourself. If you join our team, your sample will be used as your first article on the site.

Thank you for your interest!

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