FGO Saber Wars 2 Rerun: A Complete Guide

Attention all Fate/Grand Order players!FGO Saber Wars 2 Rerun Guide is here and it’s time to sharpen your swords once again. The popular event returns with new challenges, rewards, and exciting gameplay to keep you entertained for hours. As a fan of FGO, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to collect rare items and strengthen your team of servants. In this complete guide, we will walk you through the best farming spots in Saber Wars 2, show you how to obtain the elusive Goddess Scripture 6, and reveal how to unlock Primitive Red Rose. So buckle up and get ready for an epic adventure in space!

fgo saber wars 2 guide

FGO Saber Wars 2 Rerun Guide is an exciting event in FGO that takes players on a journey to outer space. The event features intense battles against enemies in challenging missions, and it rewards players with rare items and resources for completing them.

To participate in the event, you need to have completed the main story up to Babylonia Chapter 12. Once you have fulfilled this requirement, you can access Saber Wars 2 from your Chaldea Gate menu.

During the event, you will encounter various quests with different difficulty levels. It’s important to choose your team of servants strategically based on their classes and abilities to make sure they can handle each challenge thrown at them.

One helpful tip is to focus on farming specific items or currencies that are required for unlocking certain rewards. For example, if you want to obtain Goddess Scripture 6, which is needed for Ascending Artoria Pendragon (Lily), then focus on farming the mission “The Star That Fell To Earth.”

Saber Wars 2 offers a thrilling gameplay experience with plenty of opportunities for growth and reward. So make sure you come prepared with a strong team of servants and take advantage of all available resources!

What is the best farming spot in Saber Wars 2?

FGO Saber Wars 2 Rerun Guide is a challenging event that requires dedicated farming to obtain all the rewards and materials needed. To maximize your farming efficiency, it’s important to know the best spots to farm for each material.

For gold currencies, you can farm the Saber Wars Redux – Prologue node since it drops both gold and silver currencies at a decent rate. However, if you want more silver currency, then try clearing out some of the earliest nodes.

If you need bronze currencies, then go for Saber Wars Redux – Episode III because it has a high drop rate for them. You can also get plenty of silver currency here too.

Goddess Scripture 6 is one of the rarest drops in this event and can be obtained by defeating bosses on higher difficulty levels such as Expert or Inferno. Aim to have your strongest servants ready before attempting these challenges.

Always remember to check the event shop items first so that you know which materials are prioritized over others. Good luck with your farming!

Who wrote Saber Wars 2 Fgo?

Saber Wars 2 is a popular event in the Fate/Grand Order game, and fans of the franchise have been excited to learn more about its creators. The writer of FGO Saber Wars 2 Rerun Guide is none other than Kinoko Nasu, the founder and co-founder of Type-Moon.

Nasu first gained popularity with his visual novel Tsukihime in 2000, which led to collaborations with fellow creator Takashi Takeuchi. Together they founded Type-Moon, which became known for their unique storytelling and intricate world-building.

Nasu’s work on Fate/stay night cemented him as one of the top writers in anime and gaming industries. He has since worked on various projects within the Fate universe, including films such as Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel.

Fans appreciate Nasu’s ability to create compelling characters that resonate with viewers long after they finish playing or watching his works. His writing style often features complex themes like morality and identity that challenge players’ perceptions of good vs evil.

Saber Wars 2 Fgo owes much of its success to Nasu’s exceptional writing abilities. Fans eagerly anticipate what he will bring next to this beloved franchise!

How to get goddess scripture 6?

Goddess Scripture 6 is a valuable item for players who want to enhance their Saber Wars 2 experience. To obtain this item, you need to complete certain quests in the game.

Firstly, you need to unlock Section 5 of FGO Saber Wars 2 Rerun Guide by completing all missions in Section 4. Once unlocked, go ahead and start playing through section five.

Make sure that you play on the highest difficulty level available because it increases your chances of obtaining Goddess Scripture 6 after completing each quest.

Another way to increase your chances of getting Goddess Scripture 6 is by using event bonus servants or craft essence during gameplay. This will also give you extra rewards as well as other items that can help with enhancing your gameplay experience.

In addition, always keep an eye out for any time-limited events or login bonuses which may offer additional opportunities for obtaining Goddess Scripture 6.

By following these tips and putting in a little bit of effort, players should be able to obtain enough Goddess Scriptures to make significant progress within Saber Wars II!

How do you unlock primitive red rose?

Primitive Red Rose is a powerful craft essence that grants its user a 15% boost to Arts card performance and starting NP gauge. Obtaining this CE requires players to complete the Saber Wars II event and fulfill certain requirements.

To unlock Primitive Red Rose, players must first earn all of the event’s mission rewards, including clearing all seven challenge quests and obtaining the welfare Servant Lily (Rider). After completing these tasks, players will need to collect enough event currency to purchase four copies of Ancient Bell Branch from the event shop.

Once you have obtained all four copies of Ancient Bell Branch, go to your inventory screen and select them. You will be prompted with an option to exchange them for Primitive Red Rose.

It’s worth noting that while it may take some time and effort to obtain Primitive Red Rose, it’s a valuable asset in any player’s arsenal. Its effects greatly benefit Arts-oriented teams or Servants who rely on their Noble Phantasms for damage output.


To sum up, Saber Wars 2 rerun is a great event that offers amazing rewards and exciting challenges for all FGO players. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, this event has something for everyone.

As we have seen in our guide, the best farming spot in FGO Saber Wars 2 Rerun Guide is Planet MHX – Sector A4. This location offers the highest efficiency when it comes to farming bronze currency and completing missions.

Additionally, we learned about the origins of Saber Wars 2 and how it was written by Kinoko Nasu himself. We also explored how to obtain Goddess Scripture 6 and unlock Primitive Red Rose.

With these tips in mind, you should be well-equipped to tackle this event head-on and come out victorious with all its rewards. So gear up your servants, sharpen your swords, and get ready for an intergalactic adventure through the world of Fate/Grand Order!

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